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About Us

The Slash is a brand that was dreamed of in 2015 and that was designed to become a global luxury streetwear brand by taking the first step in 2019.


We are working on this journey that we have dreamed of, with a strong passion.


Our products are meticulously designed to relieve you from the busyness of daily life, inspired by the idea of comfort given by street fashion.


Our aim with The Slash products, which is the merging point of strong business knowledge and unlimited creativity, is to live today without being stuck in the past and the future.


Each of our collections has a different and unique story.

1 sapling is donated for each product purchased.

Each of our collections has been produced only in a limited number of times and will not be reproduced.



Brand Story 

Glyphs are the unsung heroes of the typography world. They give meaning to the sentence and form its basic structure, thus helping you to interpret a text. They tell you when to pause, when to question, when to get excited.


The use of the slash sign as the modern comma became common in France, where it was used to mark the continuation of a word or to connect words in two lines. The shilling, which appeared as the currency of England and Ireland in the 19th and 20th centuries, also used the slash icon as a symbol for a while.


We were inspired by the history of the Slash symbol, which has appeared in different meanings in different geographies throughout history. We blended it with the mystical magic of the flower of life, our first collection. We designed it in accordance with street fashion and we wear it as we feel like.


Throughout history, every civilization that has passed through Anatolia, the miracles they believed in and the energies they felt permeated these lands.

In our collections, we are inspired by the energy of Anatolia, the first settlement of humanity.


When we look at the past, 'essence' is always 'one' under superficial forms. This energy, which changes shape and name in line with the dominance of different civilizations and world conditions, is actually always the same. Myths, legends and beliefs have been with humanity throughout history and will continue to be with us by differentiating from now on. Name and body may change, but this energy will always be with us.




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